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[Reputation Guide] The August Celestials

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MesajSubiect: [Reputation Guide] The August Celestials Joi Mar 19, 2015 8:11 pm

The August Celestials defend the temples of Pandaria from the evils of the Sha and Mogu. This faction includes the four celestials and their respective servants. In the absence of any major authority since the last emperor Shaohao, the Celestials appear to have taken up general leadership of Pandaria.

This factions includes one quest hub per celestial, but you can only do quests at one of these locations (or you can mix them up a bit, as you please); the locations for the August Celestials daily quests include: Yu'lon's Temple of the Jade Serpent (Jade Forest), Chi-Ji's Cradle (Krasarang Wilds), Xuen's Temple of the White Tiger (Kun-Lai Summit) and Niuzao's Temple (Townlong Steppes).

All of this being said, I will present the dailies at each location, by sets/categories, meaning that you can only chose one set / location to do quests, or mix them up Set I from one location with Set II from another and so on...

Temple of the Jade Serpent, in Jade Forest:

Cradle of Chi-Ji, in Krasarang Wilds:

Temple of the White Tiger, in Kun-Lai Summit:

Niuzao's Temple, in Tonwlong Steppes:

Alliance players can find Quartermaster Sage Whiteheart at the Shrine of the Seven Stars, whilst Horde players need to search for Quartermaster Sage Lotusbloom at the Shrine of Two Moons, both inside the Vale of Eternal Blossom.

NOTE: remember that to gain access to the Vale of Eternal Blossom you need to complete the following quest chain, in Kun-Lai Summit, mostly at the Temple of the White Tiger:

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[Reputation Guide] The August Celestials

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